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Third Party Administrator (TPA) Licensing Services
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Licensing.  It's what we do. 
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CRS Licensing has successfully helped clients obtain hundreds of TPA licenses in all states that have a TPA licensing requirement.  Currently 44 states have a TPA licensing requirement and several more have a corporate adjuster requirement.  Click here to find out which states do not have a TPA license requirement.     

Our staff is experienced, professional, and we can manage the complex state licensing process for your company from start to finish or on an as-needed basis .  CRS Licensing provides comprehensive consulting services to get your TPA licenses fast and efficiently.  So you can get back to work. 
Our TPA licensing consulting services include: 

Completion of state TPA applications

Compilation of required documents                

Assistance with bond (fidelity and surety)            
and E&O requirements

Completion of corporate officer / director 

Assistance with obtaining background 
checks / fingerprint requirements

Responses to DOI inquiries to submitted 
Contact CRS Licensing today for an initial consultation 
regarding your company's licensing needs 
Licensing.  It's what we do. 
We work smart!  While there are some similarities, each state’s licensing requirements are different and need to be handled as such.  We do provide our clients with a general data form and checklist of information that is required by most states as a whole, but more importantly we tailor our services to just those states in which the client needs to be licensed.  We have detailed state-specific checklists and license instructions, so you don’t waste time compiling a lot of information and/or documents you may not need, depending on your states of interest.  We are efficient at what we do so we don’t waste your time and resources.
Detailed state-specific application and document 
checklists to organize the licensing process

Consultation on state-required business plans

Consultation on state financial 
viability requirements

Consultation on required administrative 

Individual TPA licensure, where applicable

Renewal licensure processing

Corporate registrations / registered agent
“We couldn’t be happier with your services. We never have to worry about remembering renewal dates or what is required for renewals – CRS does all of this for us. When we need to complete documents for applications or renewals, they are sent to us with detailed instructions and timelines for completion. We rely heavily on CRS services and they never disappoint.” 

Danielle Powers
Director of Compliance
Coverdell & Company, Inc.